Contracts are used in every industry, from construction to technology to retail. Vendors use contracts to define the type and scope of their work; employees sign contracts for business purposes; and companies draft contracts to deliver goods and services. It is inevitable that sometimes disagreements arise.

At Sanchez Law Group, we help resolve contract disputes of all kinds, from large corporate agreements to business contracts between individuals. With offices in Yuma, Arizona, we advise and represent individuals and businesses throughout the area.

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Breach Of Contract

This is the most common type of contract dispute, in which a contract exists and one party believes that the other party has not abided by the terms of the agreement. Depending on the nature of the breach, you could be able to pursue a number of legal remedies. We can advise on the best course of action.

If someone has brought a breach of contract claim against you, but you believe the claim is not valid, our attorneys can assist. Legitimate reasons for breaching a contract can include being a victim of fraud, being under extreme and unreasonable pressure, making an honest mistake, or the contract being legally invalid. Let us assess your situation and explain your options.

When Is A Contract Enforceable?

Not every contract is legally enforceable, even if it has been signed. Arizona state law requires an enforceable contract to have three elements. If one element is missing, the contract is invalid. These elements are:

  • The Offer
    This is the proposal that forms the basis of the contract. For example, the offer might be, "I will sell you a truckload of lumber for $3,000."

  • Acceptance Of The Offer
    This is where you agree to the terms of the offer. In the example above, you would agree to pay $3,000 in exchange for the specified amount of lumber.

  • Consideration
    Every contract must be mutually beneficial. The legal term for this is "consideration." In the lumber example, one party receives the lumber and the other party receives money. Both of these count as consideration. If a contract existed in which one party received money and the other party received nothing, the contract generally would not be valid because it lacks consideration.

Many Contract Types

Our lawyers can draft and review many types of contracts, including:

  • Commercial real estate contracts, including buy-sell agreements
  • Service contracts
  • Sales contracts
  • Personal property transfer contracts
  • Employment contracts

Whatever Situation You May Be Facing, Sanchez Law Group Can Help

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