If you are a non-U.S. citizen who has been arrested or cited for a violation of any kind, do not hesitate to get legal help. Even a minor offense could result in deportation.

I am attorney Sebastian Sanchez, and I provide legal advice and representation to people facing serious immigration issues in Arizona. My clients include Arizona residents and non-residents who have been stopped at immigration checkpoints.

Whatever your immigration concern may be, I can help!

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Don't Lose Your Green Card Over A Minor Violation

A wide range of convictions and citations could result in deportation, and it is extremely important to get legal help from an immigration lawyer as soon as possible if you are a green card holder who has been charged with a crime in the U.S.


Many people are surprised when immigration officials get involved in a relatively minor criminal matter. But the truth is that a variety of crimes, including shoplifting, drug possession and assault, are deportable offenses that require immediate legal assistance. Your green card could be threatened even if you did not go to jail.

Don't wait for immigration officials to knock on your door. Talk to an immigration and criminal defense lawyer today.

Helping You With The Immigration And Criminal Sides Of Your Case

I grew up in Mexico, and I am bilingual in English and Spanish. In addition to immigration legal services, I develop effective criminal  defense  strategies for individuals who are facing possible deportation. When you contact my office in Yuma for a consultation, I can explain your legal options for protecting your immigration status.

I have personally been through the immigration process, and I know from experience how complex immigration issues can be. Being charged with a criminal offense makes matters even more complicated, and it is best not to try to handle these problems alone.

I enjoy helping people, and my approach to the law is down-to-earth and results-oriented. Allow me to put my legal knowledge and experience to work for you.

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