At Sanchez Law Group, we advise and represent individuals and businesses that want to make sure their business interests are protected. Our attorneys have extensive experience drafting contracts, reviewing existing agreements and resolving business disputes.

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Our Services

We provide forward-thinking legal services to businesses and individual business owners who want to minimize their liability and protect their investments. We also provide estate planning services to Arizona business owners.

  • Contracts
    Enforceable contracts can govern every detail of the way a business operates. The best contracts are easy to understand while also being legally binding. We draft contracts for a wide variety of businesses, and we also review existing contracts. If you have signed something and are worried about the implications, we can look at the document and develop a strategy for protecting your best interests.

  • Contract Disputes
    There are many situations in which people disagree about the enforceability or scope of a contract. The most common type of contract dispute is breach of contract, in which one party claims that the other party failed to hold up their end of the bargain. In such a case, our lawyers can examine the original agreement and pursue litigation if necessary.

  • Non-Compete Agreements
    Non-competes are increasingly common in the business world. Essentially, non-compete agreements state that a former employee cannot work against their former employer's business interests or reveal trade secrets.

    If you are an employer, we can draft non-competes that protect your business while remaining legally enforceable and appropriate in scope. If you believe that a former employee has violated a non-compete agreement, we can advise on that as well.

    For employees, we can examine your existing non-compete agreement and determine whether it is reasonable in scope or whether a claim against you is valid.

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